WINNER - Grand Jury Award | Best Actress - Laughlin International Film Festival
WINNER - Best Fiction Feature | Rockport Film Festival
WINNER - Best Actor | Best Actress | Best Director - Northeast Film Festival
WINNER - Best First Feature - Arizona International Film Festival
WINNER - Best Actress - Hill Country Film Festival

Jonah Bock is a therapist with a marriage and family counseling clinic. When Jonah moves into a new loft he’s wait listed for over two years, he quickly senses he may have finally found the ultimate sanctuary to shield him from the pain of the world.

What Jonah doesn’t realize is that homeless Sunny lives in the dark crawl space above his place. In Jonah’s case, she sleeps in the crawlspace at night, and when highly regimented Jonah leaves for the office each day, she drops down and lives in Jonah’s space, careful to leave no trace of her existence.


The film was written by Mike Maden and directed by Courtney Ware
It was produced by Meredith Burke, Shanda Lee Munson, and Russ Pond. 
Sunny in the Dark stars Jay Huguley, Hannah Ward, and Lee Meriwether.