WINNER - Grand Jury Award | Best Actress - Laughlin International Film Festival
WINNER - Best Fiction Feature | Rockport Film Festival
WINNER - Best Actor | Best Actress | Best Director - Northeast Film Festival
WINNER - Best First Feature - Arizona International Film Festival
WINNER - Best Actress - Hill Country Film Festival

Arizona International Film Festival

On Sunday evening, we had an incredible screening at AIFF!  Special thanks to festival director, Guilio Scalinger for his kindness and hospitality.  Director Courtney Ware had the honor of participating in a filmmaker's panel that morning.  After meeting some of the other filmmakers and audiences of Tucson, we definitely felt that we were sharing the film with family.  We had a great Q&A after the screening which covered everything from our incredible casting process to working with animals.  We can't wait to bring the film to the next festival and audience!